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What is brain reprogramming therapy?

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It is therapy that rewires the brain

Brain reprogrammming therapy finds events, emotions and thinking patterns and transforms the brain connections made by them.

"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the founder of Brain hAPPy in my office. Her brain rewiring work is nothing short of a miracle since the patient is able to actively heal themselves. Her extraordinary work has been used by my patients, my family and myself. I would recommend this to anyone!"  - Dr. Diana Lopusny, Preferred Pediatrics, Milford, CT  

Image of the brain and synaptic connections used in brain reprogramming along with glial cells.

Glial cells are the key to rewiring the brain

When the brain is running positive thoughts, synaptic connections are made via the glial cells, 90% of our brain cells (Koob, A., 2009). This means that we can redefine ourselves, create solutions and feel happier by the power of how we think. Your therAPPist helps you clean out the negative thinking and life history so that positive thought becomes easier. Learn more from our Science page and Brain hAPPY therapy page. 

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Brain hAPPy's mission is to provide self-directed therapy via Your therAPPist to enhance life experience

We hope to ever expand our app, tools and accessible information about our self-directed brain reprogramming therapy. Ultimately we believe that this will lead to human beings who think and express freely toward their highest life purpose and happiness. When we all live in this way, the earth is a place where everyone has a joyful piece of a peaceful whole. In the words of En Vogue, "Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow."

What does Your therAPPist include?

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Brain reprogramming meditations

What is unique about Your therAPPist is that it very specific in identifying issues and resolving them with over two hundred brain reprogramming meditations. The user is guided to identify their feelings and is offered a clinical look at the thoughts and issues behind them. This self-directed therapy is then resolved when the user schedules their brain reprogramming statements with action steps. The goal is to rewire the brain toward your best most happy self.  

Image of a long river useful in Vision Boards and creating positive associations for the brain.

Scheduling/Vision board

What is also unique about our Your therAPPist is the understanding that repetition is the key to rewiring the brain.  The user can schedule their brain reprogramming statement/meditation throughout the day which optimizes positive thoughts and feelings while strengthening the rewiring of brain connections through this repetition. You can also save your brain reprogramming statements in our vision board sections, which keeps a record of your work and provides a positive focus for your life. 

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How Brain hAPPy can help

We recommend that you try Your therAPPist's free download and free content experience or you can also jump right into our subscriber package to get to the deeper levels of healing and brain rewiring. If you are an Employer please see our Workshop page about a subscriber package as part of your employee benefits program. 



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