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The Little Book of Baby Child describes how the brain relates parenting.

The Little Book of Baby/Child

Learn about the brain as it relates to birthing choices, health, nutrition, behavior, creating structure, child development, child emotions and parent emotions. Support yourself as a parent with brain reprogramming strategies and tools to make the beautiful and challenging job of being a parent easier and more effective.   

Brain hAPPy Therapy Workbook cover image and ordering information.

Think Yourself hAPPy: Emotions, Thinking Patterns, Brain Reprogramming and the Glial Cells.

This book/workbook is an interactive understanding of the glial cells and our emotions, life events and our thinking patterns. It can be used on its own or as a companion to our APP, guiding you with therapy questions to get to the deeper issues that fuel our current thought.  

Image of glial cells which compose 90% of your brain and are reprogrammable by you.


If you are interested in reading the theories related to our brain reprogramming therapy and the glial cells beyond our Science page, please email and we will send you a free copy of our research protocol. 

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