The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Human brain and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, CBT, depicting glial cells and communication of synapses

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Rewires the Brain

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) effectively rewires the brain (Kumariet at al, January 2017). Brain hAPPY therapy uses thinking and action to create change similar to CBT. Brain hAPPy's APP also includes specific clinical brain reprogramming meditations with recognition to how repetition affects the glial cells. 

What are Glial Cells and Brain Rewiring?

Glial cells make up almost 90% of the brain and neuroscience is recognizing their very important relationship to thought (Koob, A, 2009). Glial cells control communication of synapses (related to neuroplasticity—the brain's ability to change), the production of hormones (related to mood) and production of neurotransmitters (related to mood and synaptic connection) along with the actions of neurons (Fields, D. 2010). Brain hAPPy recognizes that on a biological level the better we think, the better we feel. 

How Glial Cells affect Intelligence

The higher up on the evolutionary ladder, the more glial cells a species has, with humans having the most, other than whales and dolphins (Koob, A., 2009). The only difference between Einstein's brain and other human brains was more glial cells (Koob, 2009). Lab mice grafted with human glia were smarter in learning and memory tasks compared to normal lab mice (Han et al., 2013). Brain hAPPy considers the direction of thought and repetition to our glial cells as extremely potent. 

Thoughts Affect Our Body

Science supports that the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts (Lipton, B., 2015). Emotions create a molecular effect in the brain which begins a string of communication to the cells in the brain and body (Pert, C. 1999). Brain hAPPy understands that our thoughts and feelings can affect not only our brain but our entire body. We theorize that we can initaite action to the glial cells, by directly using thoughts to program these cells.   


E=MC2 (thank you Einstein) and energy follows thought (Lipton B., 2015). To this idea, whatever we put energy into is the matter we will make in ourselves and in our lives. Brain hAPPy created the scheduled brain reprogramming repetition in our APP with this understanding.  

Brain hAPPY honors ...

Brain hAPPY honors the path carved in mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy, positive affirmations, yoga and other disciplinces that taught us to change our mind to change our life. Brain hAPPY celebrates these disciplines and adds the science of glial cells and brain reprogramming medtitations in scheduled repetition to support advanced biological change. 

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