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Overall Goal:  Each participant will be provided an understanding about how thinking and feeling interact with the biology of the brain, will be provided brain reprogramming tools and will be taught action steps toward healthier/happier lives. Participants will be provided tools to enhance their clinical self understanding, motivation and interactions in the workplace and personal environments. Employers or workshop hosts can choose the focus of their experience based upon the needs of your team. For example ...

  • Learn to manage stress more effectively.
  • Heal vicarious traumatization.
  • Shift triggers to client behaviors.
  • Identify the events/history that affect current issues and negative thinking for employees. 
  • Organize workloads more effectively.
  • Increase positive communication with coworkers and clients.
  • Increase positive self-worth, leadership and life purpose in the workplace and across environments.
  • Address student self-value, body image and life direction. 
  • Create inspiration and a broader viewpoint of life meaning.  

Tools: Each participant will be given Brain hAPPy’s book/workbook called Emotions, Thinking Patterns, Brain Reprogramming and the Glial Cells as well as an introduction to our brain reprogramming/meditation/therapy APP. (The APP download is free and participants have access to free content.) Contact us to find out about our Subscriber App Packages as part of your employee benefit programs. 

Speaker: Kate Gorman is a licensed clinical social worker and founder of Brain hAPPy with over eighteen years experience in the field. She has worked in crisis intervention, special education, group homes, juvenile justice and partial hospital programs. She currently is in private practice counseling that has a focus on brain reprogramming, holistic health and wellness. She has been studying and applying her specialized brain reprogramming formula since 2011 and worked on research protocols using her treatment formula with Yale Prevention Research Center and UCONN School of Neuroscience. 

Please contact us at to discuss a customized workshop option that best matches your idea for inspiration in your environment or to get our Subscriber APP Package for your employee benefits program. 

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In the article, Brain Reprogramming for a Happier Life, founder of Brain hAPPy, Kate Gorman, LCSW talks about directly programming our brains to heal our bodies, to feel happier and to feel more beautiful in ourselves. 

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